È iniziata una nuova cooperazione di ricerca tra l'Italianistica e il centro EURAC research di Bolzano

A gennaio ha preso avvio un'importante cooperazione di ricerca tra l'Istituto di Italianistica dell'Università di Basilea e l'Istituto di linguistica applicata del centro EURAC research di Bolzano.

Segue un estratto dall'Accordo di cooperazione, valido da gennaio 2024 fino a dicembre 2027, firmato da Angela Ferrari (Direttrice dell'Istituto di italianistica), da Torsten Schwede (Vice-rettore alla ricerca dell'Università di Basilea) e da Stephan Ortner (Direttore del Centro Eurac Reasearch):

"The primary objective of this Agreement is the development of cooperative efforts between Basel and Eurac, which will enhance the scientific interchange between the two Parties. Recognizing the importance of mutual collaboration and the contributions to society made by institutions of higher education and research, the parties desire to promote exchange between the collaborators of the two institutions as well as the exchange of academic and research information

The mutual exchange of research experiences concerns the field of text linguistics, terminology and specialized communication (in a multilingual context). To this end, the parties undertake to implement joint initiatives on these topics for the promotion and development of knowledge through in-depth studies, the organisation of initiatives (group seminars, workshops both internal and open to third parties) the participation in calls for tenders and joint national and international research projects and, possibly, the production of joint scientifi c publications.

Specific projects in an area of research interest will be selected as a result of coordination by Basel and Eurac at the appropriate administrative level in each institution. As these projects are developed, each will require a specific written agreement between the Parties made in advance, setting forth the terms and conditions thereof and executed by authorized representatives of both Parties."